Due to the Holiday the Early Bird rate of $150.00 has been extended to Sept. 2 at midnight. The cost will increase to $175.00 after that. If you register at the door the cost is $200.00. 20th Annual Tax Practitioner IRS Fall Seminar (Continental Breakfast, Lunch Buffet and Afternoon Snacks included) “Solving Problems and Protecting Clients” Hosted by East Bay Association of Enrolled Agents and the Mission Society of Enrolled Agents September 8, Dublin, CA at the Holiday Inn, 6680 Regional Street, Dublin, CA 94568 This is a rare opportunity for you to meet with IRS personnel to get the latest information on exams, appeals, FBAR, Taxpayer Advocate, and Criminal Investigation. Our communications directly with IRS have been severely limited over the last few years due to budget cuts, sequester and scandals. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get your questions answered and make personal contacts with IRS. This may be the only meeting in our area this year! An added bonus to your attendance at this meeting is the local chapters of CSEA will raise some revenue to help keep these events going. Sign up today using the link below. Early bird deadline is extended to midnight Sept. 2nd. https://www.123signup.com/register?id=yfyzp Please cut and paste to your browser if needed Learn to maximize IRS resources to increase your value to your clients. IRS and CSEA Subject Matter Experts clarify issues and hot topics* of importance to you and your tax practice. Get latest information on: · Examination / Appeals Overview Steven Volking, Appeals Team Manager, Appeals (San Francisco) Albert Ju, Territory Manager, SBSE Examination (Oakland) Patti Jacobson, Territory Manager, SBSE Examination (Oakland) · FBAR Vivienne Antal, Stakeholder Liaison (Oakland) · How to Prepare for an IRS Employee Plans Audit Marla Wortz, Revenue Agent, TEGE Employee Plans (Sacramento) · Estate and Gift Tax Kyle Martin, Group Manager, SBSE Specialty Programs (Oakland) · Taxpayer Advocate Service Update Tiffany Todaro, Local Taxpayer Advocate, Taxpayer Advocate Service (Oakland) · Hot Topics IRS Criminal Investigation Arlette Lee, Public Information Officer, Criminal Investigation (Oakland) Questions???? Dublin seminar contact Patty Pringle, EA at 925-320-7802 or eapattypringle@sbcglobal.net

Date: July 1st 2010

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